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Antonio Krämer Fernandez
Posted Sep 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey framer team. There is a little issue that bugs me quite often. Define borderRadius: "50%" to draw a circle . Use the WYSIWYG functionality -> borderRadius: NaN . Is there a way to fix this? <3


Jordan Robert Dobson

"50%" isn't actually a "valid" value for border radius it should be a integer. That's the reason mostly.

Antonio Krämer Fernandez

thx for the reply! pity, its just so handy…

Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Antonio Krämer Fernandez, yeah, it's still possible to use the 50% shortcut, but we've deprecated the feature in favor of using numeric values. :-)

Koen Bok

You can get the same with: `ball.borderRadius = ball.width / 2`

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