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Christina Zou
Posted Sep 29 - Read on Facebook

I have two Framer shared prototypes that show corrupted videos in Firefox & Chrome, but correct videos in Safari. I've confirmed this happens on multiple computers. I'm on the latest version of Framer.

My two Framers are linked below. The first link is missing audio for the first 3s in Chrome/Firefox, but has audio in Safari. The second link fades in from black on Chrome/Firefox and not in Safari. In both cases, the Safari versions are correct and the Chrome/Firefox versions are corrupted. Specifically, the corrupted first 3s of both videos seem to be pulling from older versions of the same video that I uploaded in the past week. I wonder if deleting all my shared Framers on the server side would help things?

Example 1:
Example 2:

I've already sent feedback (

Eelco Lempsink - continuing from a previous thread, I've confirmed the Framer videos are playing back incorrectly (e.g. no audio in first 3s in Example 1) on Chrome/Firefox on multiple computers. I also played the videos in Firefox browser reset to factory settings/safe mode/all plugins disabled, videos are still corrupted.


Jordan Robert Dobson

What file type is the video?

Eelco Lempsink

Hey, I see it now too. It works fine in Safari though. Does this problem also occur when you don’t upload it to the sharing server but view it via Framer’s Mirror > Open in Browser feature? If so, the problem must be in the video file. The Framer app uses WebKit (same as Safari) to render content, so that would explain why it does work in Framer.

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