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Marco Aurélio Rodrigues
Posted Oct 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, does imported Sketch symbols work in Framer? I am importing a file with a few symbols but they do not appear under the layers. Do I need to add all of them in folders to get it working? the elements appear under the content but I don't know how get to them. Thanks


Stephen Crowley

Hey Marco- short answer to your question is yes. My rule of thumb with Sketch Import is "if you want to interact with it then group it".

Marco Aurélio Rodrigues

Thanks Stephen Crowley

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Yup, this is one of many reasons why I find the new Sketch symbols frustrating. When they were groups directly in the layer list, you could mess with their contents in Framer without detaching the symbols first in Sketch. It was a glorious time.

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