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Christina Zou
Posted Sep 29 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys. I'm having a bit of a head-scratcher - I'm sharing a Framer prototype that uses a video file (included in Images folder) that I modified slightly today. In Framer the corrected video is used, but when I Share the prototype, the old version of the video is used in the browser experience. I've tried switching out for different video files, which are included correctly with no problem, but this slightly modified version never seems to get uploaded. Does anyone have ideas?


Arun Venkatesan

have you tried changing the name of the video file?

Christina Zou

I am having similar video uploading issues with a different Framer prototype where the video that appears in the shared version is different from that in Framer. You can see the thumbnail of the beginning of the video in Framer (attached) vs. the shared video: are different. The shared video also has an extraneous (corrupted) first several seconds with no audio, which are not present in my local version of the video file.

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