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Alena Syvokobylska
Posted Sep 28 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framers!

I've created a chat prototype that lets you express the emotions by shake, here it is

Here is the link to the prototype


Benjamin E Saravia

I hope somebody from Apple / Google is taking notes... charming palette too!

Fariz Rizaldy


Paul Kooi

This is great...

you know what might be cool... is if after you select the emoticon it moves or appears in the scroll view itself... and asks the user to shake ... so that it makes the connection that the animated emoticons spraying all over the place are in the feed and that the friend that the user is texting with is seeing this happen. Right now it feels like its just happening on one end...

Roman Vasyutin

That's great! I had this idea in my Evernote but you made it first. My congrats! Small difference on my side - just to send simple smile or wink or smth as message. Cool!

Michael Fern

I really dig this! You should look into a patent if there isn't one for it yet :D

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