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Adam Mazurick
Posted Sep 28 - Read on Facebook

At our upcoming Toronto Meet-up at ConnectedLab, here’s what we will be covering:

An introduction to Framer.js looking at Interface Fundamentals, Autocode and Importing your designs. We will also discuss Framer and it’s value to your organization and tool belt.

An introduction to Object Oriented Programming principles and CoffeeScript. If you’re totally new to programming, I’ll show you what resources I personally used to go from ‘no-knowledge’ to ‘proficient’ with Framer.js

Basic Interactions and mobile prototyping (Beginner). We’ll make 2 demos for this.

Prototyping for the IoT using Firebase and Arduino (Advanced Prototyping). A quick overview of creating event-driven prototypes that communicate with external hardware.

We will then conclude by exploring Framer for prototyping Mixed Reality Interactions. We’ll explore future applications of using Framer to solve tomorrow’s problems today with a case-study that focuses on Microsoft Hololens.

The meet-up is going to be really cool with some free t-shirts and swag! It’s oriented to designers and developers of all skill levels.

Please come! There will be snacks too!


Slavko Eror


Rohan Singh

Will the event be live streamed? If no, you could consider the option ?

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