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Ray Yip
Posted Aug 14 - Read on Facebook

Here is a snippet to let you make CSS triangle easily.


Benjamin Den Boer

Nice! This'll be very useful when designing dropdowns / carets. :-)

Jorn van Dijk

Super clever, nice approach. Did you know you can type @ instead of this?

Isaac Weinhausen

YUSSS. Nothing like a good old CSS hack to save the day— And that's one less piece of code I need to write! :D

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice one Black Ray - Here's a rebound I made of this:

This one allows you to set direction in options when you create it, handles error checking and tightens the bounding box to the intrinsic size.

Sam Thorne

Nice! I'll just drop this here to see if you're tempted to expand things ;)

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