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Patryk Adaś
Posted Sep 28 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I got small issue with this template I found in the /examples; I want the previous page's scale to corelate with position of y scroll, so the transition is based on my mouse, but it does not happen instantly in the moment of page swap.

I know I have to use utils modulate, however I don't know how I should define the event and how to figure out the modulate ranges.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Patryk Adaś, check out this example that Jonas and I made a while back. It does exactly what you're looking for. I just updated and simplified it for you, too. :-)

Patryk Adaś

toooo awesome, you guys are the best

Patryk Adaś

Benjamin Den Boer Just one more question, I wanted to prepare layout that's visible here, however creating offsets / changing width of canvas and x of cards is not really working. Any hints?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Patryk Adaś — hmm, I see. Could you share your project with me? I can take a look for you. :-)

Patryk Adaś

I did not go far with it though:

what I want to do and it should be pretty simple is allow user to use swipe (but for this purpose it can be any trigger) and let him scroll left
once a particular card reaches center of canvas it is becoming bigger and release of the action would cause the content to stop scrolling

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