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Orfeo Chen
Posted Sep 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I'm experimenting with Framer and encountered something odd with Snippets>Device>Content @2x. Everything worked ok until I removed the snippet, only to find the scale remained unchanged. Is that sort of a bug? Is there a quick fix for that?


Orfeo Chen

OK, I figured it out. Fix: Set the "contentScale" attribute back to 1 in config.json.

Orfeo Chen

When you set Framer.Device.contentScale in the code editor, Framer updates the corresponding attribute in config.json. So if you want the original scale back, you have to set it to 1.0 ("1.0" not "1") and delete the line only then.

Orfeo Chen

Seems like a bug, considering cc Koen Bok

Eelco Lempsink

Yes, definitely a bug 😔 Thanks for the report, I filed an issue.

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