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Christina Zou
Posted Sep 26 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, Marvel and InVision both offer the possibility of recording and playing back others' interactions with prototypes ( Is there anything like that for Framer?

If I distribute my Framer prototype, what's the best way for me to keep track of how others interact with it?


Yidong Liao

No Framer is more advanced, it uses the power of code :p

Yidong Liao

Actually I used all of them but Framer is obviously the most efficient one and help me realize how powerful code is haha

German Bauer

I think Christina means once a prototype is made she wants to record what a user is doing with it, and replay it later. I have never tried but you'd have to build the recording logic for the user actions that occurred yourself in the event handlers for example by writing it to a JSON file. Then you'd have to build a parsing function that goes through each item and calls each of the functions based on what you read in the file.

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