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Mike Perry
Posted Sep 26 - Read on Facebook

I've been creating some fairly large prototypes with Flinto, anywhere from 15-30 screens. Is this something you would recommend with Framer? I've noticed that most of the Framer examples out there only highlight a few interactions and screens. I know you can tie things together with components, but would it be easy to manage a large, full-blown prototype.

Two examples of what we've been creating in Flinto:


Jordan Robert Dobson

Sure you most definitely could.

Matthew Blode This might be outdated. Regardless it is a super interesting talk from a designer at Disney

Rory Smyth

You could. You probably shouldn't. I do all big flows in flinto. It's more suited to that. If you import 30 screens into framer, guess how many you can see at once? Just one. Can you visualise the flow based on arrows from one screen to another? Nope. Not manageable from my experience.

Mike Perry

Thanks for the input everyone. Much appreciated.

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