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Gregory J. Orton
Posted Sep 24 - Read on Facebook

Yo, anyone know how I could go about importing this library into Framer:

the dist .js file has no dependencies, but when I put it in the modules folder, Framer whines about a missing dependency that I think comes from node. I have little understanding of node.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Sergey Voronov u need to run npm in terminal in order to install dependances

Sergey Voronov

here is example on how npm used with framer

Gregory J. Orton

i appreciate the input Sergey Voronov - and I saw the example using NPM. The thing is, the RecordJS project is 'browserified' already - the 'dist' is just a .js file. No node modules etc.

But then if I put it in my modules folder, then framer complains. RecorderJS isn't a npm project - but it does have NPM dependencies to *build*, but not to run...

Sergey Voronov

it has some dependancies module.exports = require("./recorder").Recorder;

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