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Robert Huber
Posted Sep 24 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I got a (probably very simple) question: In my prototype, when clicking on "My Profile", a second screen should come up.
However, the screen is blank while it should contain content made in sketch.
(I copied the method from the youtube framer Tutorial 2, but I cannot see where I went wrong) ; thanks for your help.


David Plakon

Play around with your organization in Sketch.

David Plakon

I just started using framer, but I believe when you call the image property it will only pull the actual assets (nothing in child folders) that are in the parent folder.

David Plakon

Here's the way you want to do it. Framer automatically creates objects when you import from sketch

David Plakon

just call the object layer directly instead of making a new one.

David Plakon

$.ProfileBoard.index = 5

# Rotate on click
$.My_Profile1.on Events.Click, ->
y: 0
x: 0
curve: "spring(400,35,0)"

Robert Huber

David, thank you very much !

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