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Sadok Cervantes Rabadan
Posted Sep 23 - Read on Facebook

If you wanna prototype a full app (not just micro-interactions), with audio/video support, which prototyping app would you use?

EDIT: I know theres a way to do full apps with a framer module, but from what I've seen, its neither the easiest nor the quickest thing to do.


George Kedenburg III
Juan J. Ramirez

I think there's a misconception about Framer only being good for micro-interactions. Framer is good for absolutely EVERYTHING! There's nothing that comes even close to the power of JavaScript + The awesomeness of Framer Studio.

Since you have to code, it might not be the fastest way to prototype a full app, but if you want functionality, extensibility and high fidelity Framer is the way to go.

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