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Hector Jaime
Posted Sep 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi all. Feel like I've gotten as far as I can with the examples and tutorials on the framer site and other blog posts. Now I'm ready to do something more advanced that I think requires better knowledge of Javascript. Any recommendation for online courses/videos? Something that will skip the framerjs basics and go for something more mid-level to advanced. Thanks!


Mårten Björk

I'm currently reading MDN's “An re-introduction to JavaScript”

Jordan Robert Dobson

Also just have something to build. And then learn along the way while you create...

German Bauer

To learn download a project and start seeing what happens when you modify the code. Then borrow and steal as needed to scaffold your own ideas. That is the fastest way to learn for me. There's also an excellent ebook intro to using coffeescript in framer.

John Sherwin

Hector Jaime I found Codeacademys JS course very helpful! 👌

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