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Jon Arnold
Posted Oct 04 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,
with my circle animation module you can also visualize progress very easily. You decide if there is a counter or not. Change the gradient color, thickness, size…

More information:

Thank you so much for Koen Bok, the Framer team and the whole framerjs community. You are so helpful! Keep exploring and design the impossible!


Joe Puddle

Hi, im sorta new to framer so am trying to create something like this but with a fill layer as apposed to just a stoke? Anyone know how I could go about doing it?


Adam Mazurick


Isaac Weinhausen

Thanks for sharing this Jon! Perfect timing, this is exactly what I needed for a prototype I'm working on for REI. Cheers mate!

Jon Arnold

Isaac Weinhausen fantastic!

Joni Juup


Stijn Eversdijk

Thomas Offinga Check this! Awesome!

Benjamin Den Boer

Cool stuff, Jon! Thanks for sharing.

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