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Adam Mazurick
Posted Sep 21 - Read on Facebook

Advice Please: Lately, I’m having to prototype for the IoT. Making mockups of interfaces that work with physical products. This week I explored using firebase, node.js and framer.js with Arduino and Particle. I come from more of an iOS/Product Design/PM background. I’m not too strong on Node or JohnnyFive. Prior to working on IoT prototypes I was nearly complete a personal iOS Learning track that got me to Intermediate App Developer which came in handy. I’m kinda on the fence about diving into FullStack JavaScript Dev work which seems to be necessary to prototype robotics and devices.

The question is this: To make IoT prototypes that connect to boards and use framer… is full-stack the way to go? If not, could I somehow stay with iOS Development?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Well I think JavaScript and iOS (swift) are fairly compatible in what you would learn. There's some differences but I'm not sure if you'd really lose anything focusing on JS.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Another thing to note is JS is one of those things very similar to what you use for ardunio or particle... I'm not sure you always have to go full stack either as a lot of it can be done on the client. But if you can master that then I doubt the server side of JS would cause you much trouble.

Another thing to consider... at CodeSchool boot camp, before starting iOS track, you have to complete the JavaScript courses as a prerequisite. Mostly because JS can be a bit more forgiving and less complex.

Kevyn Arnott

The truth is it's not an easy decision to do holistically. It really depends on what you're wanting to do. If you're connecting to physical objects, there's a lot of trade offs to consider. Web is super easy & convenient, but it's rather limited these days. Phones have tons of sensors and connections that you can leverage using Swift or Objective-C. So it depends if you want to always interface with your physical object with a server, than web will be awesome and you won't miss anything. If you want to interface with physical objects using NFC, proximity sensors, gyroscopes, bluetooth, cameras, etc. iOS development is the only way to do that. Sadly, web apis just don't exist for those yet.

Dmytro Lvivsky

Also learning JavaScript isn't hard and you can write the apps using the same language, toolkit and principles on the client, server and mobile.

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