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Jason Nelson
Posted Sep 22 - Read on Facebook

Hey, Framerites. Wondering if anyone has an example on a simple way to deal with the following issue. I have created a slider within a screen that rotates. When I rotate the screen the slider doesn't follow my cursor/finger when I drag it. It goes perpendicular to my direction. Other than an onDragMove action where I force it to do something else in the "correct" drag direction, does anyone have examples or an easy work around to accommodate for this? See example for problem I am describing.

(Red button rotates "screen")


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Jason,

That's interesting. I think this is a bug, right Eelco Lempsink?

Eelco Lempsink

Ha, interesting indeed. This is definitely unexpected behavior. It works if you rotate the slider itself, maybe that’s the most simple workaround? (You would need to calculate the new position of the slider when fake-rotating and not make it a child of the background view).

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