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Leanne Wilcox
Posted Sep 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone

I'm struggling to prototype an "unfolding card" style animation and was hoping someone may know of an example for something similar that they could point me to.

I've found a few "flip" style examples and have managed to get close, but never seem to be able to get it unfold at the right points. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

I've illustrated the rough effect I'm after.


Koen Bok

Jonas is great at this stuff.

Douwe Homans

Hi Leanne Wilcox, you can get a result like this by rotating the top and bottom half, but you should _change_ the origin property (this property defines the 'anchor' of your animation).
I've created a sample: hope that helps!

Douwe Homans

Update (I wasn't aware of the 'perspective' property on Layer's)

Leanne Wilcox

That's fantastic, thank you so much Douwe!

Ash Adamson

This is super dope.

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