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Giovanni Caruso
Posted Sep 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi all! It took me a while, but here we are with a quick report after the Framer Meetup Milan.
15 guests (profile: UX/UI, UX Researchers) with (mostly) some coding skills and no previous Framer experience.
I've opted for a light presentation followed by a workshop aimed at covering the basic of the tool (+ some immediate reward).
Autocode rocked and in general there was a positive and proactive approach to Framer Studio (so that we left the place 1 hour after the official schedule and I've already got some interest for a second meetup :D ).
Most wanted: 1) a more robust sharing feature with password and access to shared projects (Axure like). This was unanimously considered a must for a widespread adoption. 2) the integration with some user testing product. 3) export of sort to go from Coffescript to Xcode (or whatever).
Here the proto I've prepared for the event ( and some pictures (courtesy of the UX Book Club Milano). Let me thank Sara Surh and Elena Stoyanova for the invaluable support and Benjamin Den Boer for the on-the-fly fix to the AudioComponent module.


Adam Mazurick


Ashanya Indralingam

Awesome job, thanks for the roundup! Always nice to hear how people are hosting meetups around the world :)

Nicolò Calegari

Man, this is awesome! Such a pity to have missed this cool day! Congrats to all you guys

Rhys Merritt

I travel to Milan a bit for work.. I would love to come to the next one if I happen to be in town!

Jorn van Dijk

Looks amazing, great job!

Krijn Rijshouwer

Woah, looks awesome!

Joakim Ottosson


Sara Surh

This looks like it turned out great! Glad to hear it was a success and thanks for sharing the pics!


this looks awesome for session meetup framerJS :)

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