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Adam Mazurick
Posted Sep 20 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framers! Quick question. Need any resources or help making a Arduino LED Blink using firebase and framer. Not familiar with firebase. Please help! Giovanni Caruso or anyone please!


Kees Plattel
Giovanni Caruso

Just as reference, I was able to find the original guide I've used to turn ON/OFF the led:

Replace Raspberry with Arduino.

Happy to share the project file (as soon as I'll find it :D )

Dmytro Lvivsky

What exactly do you need? It a few words

Adam Mazurick

Giovanni Caruso was very helpful. Basically, I'm trying to turn on and off my led on my arduino board and control this from my framer.js prototype. Im not too familiar with node.js or firebase or Johnny-Five so I was looking for a step by step approach. Im presently building a prototype for future hardware explorations.

Jorn van Dijk

cc Marc Krenn

Marc Krenn


1) Acquire an Arduino-like Particle Photon for $19 (

2) Grab my Particle module:

3) Wirelessly toggle LED by:

photon.turn "led", "on"


photon.turn "led", "off"

5) Boom.

Fritz Frizzante
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