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Adam Mazurick
Posted Dec 01 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framers! Connected Lab is pleased to announce that we will be hosting Toronto's first Framer.js Meetup! The Meetup is going to take place on October 5th at our Connected Lab Office in Toronto. We’ll announce more details shortly. One of the cool topics we will be covering is how to use Framer.js to make Experiential Prototypes for emerging technologies like VR and AR using the Microsoft Hololens!


Silvia Bormüller

Adam Mazurick can you share the slides and prototypes you build at the meetup? Thanks

Thomas Quarre

Awesome 👍👍👍

Jenn Nguyen

I loved the last meet up! When will the next one be :)?

Dmytro Lvivsky

Mmm, sweet!

Sergey Voronov

holly guakomole! great stuff

Jordan Robert Dobson

Rich Zarick and or Weston Thayer might be able to share their hololens experiences.

Adam Mazurick

Thanks Guys! I'll post up more information today!

Rich Zarick

Awesome way to kick off a meetup! Quick shout if you're prototyping on hololens to check out Framed in the win 10 app store. Weston made it for us to use on the Windows design team

Jorn van Dijk

Awesome that you're hosting Adam! We'll put it up on the site and share across social media channels as well. Elena, can you send out a goodie pack? cc Krijn

Jorn van Dijk

Also, you should totally set up a group here on FB just for the people that come to the meetup, so you can easily share links, photos, etc. Let me know once you have it and we can add it to the list on the Community page.


awesome Adam Mazurick

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