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Jonathan Ravasz
Posted Sep 21 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, I would like to share with you my first larger Framer project.

I have been seeking for a job opportunity as a VR designer recently, so I have decided to put together a 360° interactive resume using Framer Studio.


Jonas Treub

Wow! This is amazing. Thanks for sharing and good luck finding a job in VR

David Plakon


Bilal Harouchi

One of the most creative resume I have ever seen !!

Mindaugas Petrutis


Benjamin Den Boer


Krijn Rijshouwer


Benny Chew

Very cool!

Hannes Waller

Oh my! Great job and best of luck in your hunt!

Med AskOr


Lee Won Cheol


Karan Ganesan

Great ...

Jack Bush

So cool. One bit of feedback I would say is that i think it would feel more natural and less work if the description appeared directly over the + rather than to the side. Just a thought but really nicely done

Justin Farrugia

Awesome job Jonathan would be pretty great if you wrote like a case study or a small write-up accompanying this. Good luck on the job hunt! :)

Misha Scholte

Great idea!

Sara Surh

Wow this is so cool!!

Reshad Farid

This is amazing

Jorge Rocha


Gary Torres

Great job!

Dmytro Lvivsky

What the software have you used to make 3D scene of the room? Thanks!

Benjamin Mailian

Really nicely done. I found myself wishing you'd linked to your article on non-tracked VR experiences.

Elliot Nolten

Pretty awesome!

Jaegwan Ri

Cool! This project is look like my service. so interesting :) haha

Yeseul lee


Koen Bok


Dean Kim


Daan Brusse Van Der Veen

Amazing!!! <3

Vysak As

awesome (Y)

Kunal Bodke

This is so cool! Just a feedback, for some reason I had trouble figuring out how it works, I was clicking on those plus signs. Then I saw that moving circle. Maybe, you can have a intro at the beginning or change the 'circle' icon as most of them will be accessing this on PCs and not a real VR headset.

Daniel Lin

So coooool Rishabh

Michael McKenna


Rich Zarick

Great fun, and awesome style too! Love the mobile first approach. I'll hop on the feedback bandwagon and admit that I wished the selected items were easier to keep selected. That might also be because contorting to different angles on a public bus is slightly socially awkward. Got any more VR framer projects in the future?

Hans Kristian Smedsrød


Henrique Gusso


Niels Mulder

Really cool!

Martin MAurer

Well, fancy a job in Berlin? Send me a PM if this might suit you.

Lalitha Lily Chandrasekher

This is absolutely stunning and creative!

Sipho Ngwenya

Very nice!!!

Daniel Farrell

Holy hell this is awesome



Kim Covey

This is amazing, good work!

Jenny Jiang

Amazing!! Nice work!

Artur Abato

that's pretty cool dude!

Craig Duncan

Nice. Funnily enough I've just been thinking about trying a similar thing in WebVR.

Yao Jueyi

this small software can design VR prototype? Amazing!

Junhyuk Jang

super cool!!!!

Jihoon Suh

This is coool

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