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Stefanos Kofopoulos
Posted Sep 29 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone. I'm creating some prototypes with ForceTap but i'm noticing that 3D Touch is not very intuitive while testing from the official Framer app. Even the ForceTap examples from the official blog post don't run smoothly... meaning my code is not causing the delay. Also, 3D Touch works fine on my iPhone and other apps.

Do other experiencing this not-so-smooth ForceTap behavior? Is it only me?


Koen Bok

I can look into this. What phone/ios are you using?

Tes Mat

Hi Koen, I also ran into problems. ForceTap stopped reacting smoothly after updating to iOS 10.

Tes Mat
Tes Mat

Here’s how it worked on iOS 9 (on an iPhone 6s)

Tes Mat

…and here’s how it works on iOS 10 (same phone)

Tes Mat

Sergey Zinchenko Thanks for pointing me to this post!

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