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Yeseul lee
Posted Sep 19 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framer
I would like to share my 2nd project on Bechance with Framer.

I have designed the conceptual app by myself for getting used to Framer Js.
Through the challenge, the program stimulated my interest more and I felt this time was so much easier than the first time.
I believe Iā€™m getting improved even though it is not noticeable.
I will keep working hard!

Though the code is not extraordinary, I hope you enjoy my projects.
Thanks šŸ˜ƒ


Koen Bok

Looks great!

John Choi


Inyoung Choi

Look so Cool it will help to learn framer xD thanks~

Michael Hanson

great concept

Jorn van Dijk

We were amazed when you showed this in Seoul last week at the meetup. Fantastic work, keep going at it!

Marc Krenn

Flawless (y)

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