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Thomas Britton
Posted Sep 16 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,

Just getting started with FramerJS and have run into a problem which I can't seem to solve.

So basically I am importing my sketch file which succeeds but in the Canvas I do not see my art boards.

My art boards start from (0,0).

I only ever see a part of my first art board when I change the device to a 'Macbook Pro'

I have attached a screenshot of what I see.

Anyone have any ideas?



Niels van Hoorn

Hi Thomas, sorry to see you're having problems with this! What you could do, manually position your artboards in framer by setting their x and y coordinates.

When importing artboards from Sketch, Framer looks up the top-left artboard and uses that as the 0,0 position, laying out all other artboards relative to the top-left one.
As you mentioned that your artboards already start at 0,0, this probably isn't the problem, so it could be a bug in the importer.

Could you share your Sketch file (maybe stripped to just the artboards) with me?

Thomas Britton

Thanks for your reply Niels, have replied via slack :)

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