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Martijn van den Broeck
Posted Sep 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi folks!
For a one week school course about micro interactions I dived into the world of FramerJS. Here is the result, let me know your thoughts :)


Naheel Jawaid

Cool dude, loved the narrative.

Jorn van Dijk

Love it.

Agnimitra Pathak

Great narrative...

Stefanos Kofopoulos

If it's not too much to ask - an upload to YouTube maybe? Firewalls and "safety controls" block vimeo here :(

Andrey Yanovskiy


Joakim Ottosson

Great video! Nice work

Ahmet Bekteş

good job!

Das Sunderdas

Very clean work

Sophie Soyeon Kang

love your narrative of skills! hope to see more.

Ashanya Indralingam

This is so slick, Martijn! 👏🏾

Justin Farrugia

Killing it as always Martijn :)

Nicholas Hobson

Awesome video man! Really like the thinking.

Niels Mulder

Some good storytelling and spot on about the paper :-)

Benjamin E Saravia

I love the narration. And completely agree, UX designers that can build and prototype (in framer as example) have the advantage orf testing and visualizing these interactions.
Great job!

Marc Krenn

So good! (y)

Rishabh Kaushal

I loved the experience u introduced #martijn

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