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Adam Mazurick
Posted Sep 19 - Read on Facebook

Has anybody used a framer prototype with Arduino? If so let me know....


Jordan Robert Dobson

Jackie Chui has.

Jackie Chui

The simplest way I found to work with Arduino is to use MIDI.
Send a MIDI message with the Arduino MIDI library and use Hairless MIDI Bridge to create a link between the Arduino and Mac's IAC MIDI Driver.
Then use framer's MIDI component to receive the message.
The limitation of this method being a 1 way interaction, framer cannot send a message back to the Arduino.

I know this sounds confusing already, but I'd be happy to help out if you have any questions.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Or you could use a Particle and maybe get better connectivity.

Adam Mazurick

You gotta start somewhere. Thanks guys. I'm going to dive in and see what I can do.

Giovanni Caruso

Done something using Firebase and JohnnyFive: And yes, a Framer MIDI Out would be great :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I do recommend the midi route. I started using it for various controllers and it worked like a charm.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Adam - let us know what you learn.

Giovanni Caruso

Jackie Chui would you mind sharing some details on the midi library you have used? I've found a MIDI USB Library bu it doesn't work with my Arduino UNO board (too old) and a dedicated MIDI firmware as alternative (but I need tools to flash it).

Jackie Chui
This is the one I used, it sends a midi message over Serial which requires Hairless MIDI bridge to convert it to real midi

Frank Boeree

Tom Goijer

Nikolaj Dam Roadley-Battin

I also had luck using a 'GET' request from a Web-server in Framer. The web-server I build using Johhny-Five and (Node.js). If you are interested in seeing that, then I can upload it to Github.

But I agree with the MIDI suggestions. Seems like the easiest direct link with Arduino. :)

Example video:

Adam Mazurick

Wow, you all are so awesome. Thank u

Marc Krenn

* Wired + low latency:
Arduino / Teensy via Framer's built-in MIDI lib or Firmata / johnny-five.

* Wireless + low latency:
LightBlue Bean+ via MIDI BT (ships soon-ish)

* Wireless via cloud + minimal latency:
Particle Photon (WIFI) / Electron (3G) using my module

Tom Goijer

Another way to do it is using the build in HID mouse/keyboard capability of some Arduinos like the Arduino Micro. This way you do not need any additional libraries or drivers.

Adam Mazurick

These are all very exciting examples. I am relatively new to arduino+framer. My goal is to get an LED to turn on and off as part of an experiment. Can I get a roadmap...I'm not too familiar with node.js or firebase...just a roadmap would help a lot.

Adam Mazurick

Giovanni Caruso can you please expand on what steps you took to make your prototype. I'm trying to do precisely what you did. Control an LED.

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