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Sergey Voronov
Posted Sep 16 - Read on Facebook

Guys, any progess on android perfomance improvements? we had some talks in May I suppose


Laürici Dumitru

Also, are there any plans on making prototypes work on smartwatches?

Jorn van Dijk


Koen Bok

We landed some smaller things that should help. I'll try to do an update on the doc with improvements soon.

Jon Arnold

The performance on android made me built this:

I could view my android prototypes on my iPhone 6 😉
Worked very well for me

Rory Smyth

Even using some of the stuff discussed in the doc that was made, you're better off using an iOS device. The performance won't come close on even the latest android devices if you're doing complex transforms on big layers. At least from my experience.

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