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Kévin Baës
Posted Sep 16 - Read on Facebook


I try to make an animation where when I make a swipe on a layer , it performs a 3D rotation.

There are 3 layers.

The problem is the perspective changes depending on the position of the layer .

Is it possible to have the same perspective for each layer , regardless of their positions ?


Kévin Baës

I am very impressed to have help so quickly. Thank you.

Kévin Baës

Sorry, I don't find a solution to my problem with your awesome prototype

Kévin Baës

I try to have a unique perspective for each layer.

Jordan Robert Dobson

You basically must parent them all to the same layer.

Kévin Baës

In fact, I want the perspective of the layer is based on its own layer parent

Kévin Baës

Jordan Robert Dobson Any idea?

Jordan Robert Dobson

No I'm not sure. Can you give an example?

Kévin Baës

Here is an example:

I do not understand why the perspective changes depending on the position of the layer. When I change the size of the browser, the perspective changes.

Jonas Treub

You can disable the global perspective with the flat property and set a local perspective using the perspective property. Perspective only influences its children. Here is an example:

Kévin Baës


Kévin Baës

Thanks a lot

Abhaya Pothina

Erin McLean check the comments

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