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Giovanni Caruso
Posted Sep 15 - Read on Facebook

Hey Benjamin Den Boer! Messing with the AudioPlayer module. Some issue I can't solve: unless by dragging the knob (which I would like to hide), there is no way to see the progressBar advancing. Any hints to solve this one?


Krijn Rijshouwer

I'll ping Ben for you Giovanni!

Benjamin Den Boer

Hmm, you probably need to change a few lines around to make this work without the knob. Can you send me your project?

Giovanni Caruso

Sure. It is the project I'd like to work on tonight for the meetup. I've removed the mp3 files to avoid copyright infringement. (sorry for the messy code). Krijn Rijshouwer, thanks for the ping support ;)

Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Giovanni Caruso, let's see. I'm trying to debug this, and it seems to be related to something else in your project that is influencing the sliders. If you strip out your interface layers, progress seems to work. No luck yet in finding the issue, though...

Giovanni Caruso

No worries Benjamin Den Boer. I'll try to polish a bit the project this weekend to see what it is going on. I told you it was a mess (btw, If I think where I was one year ago, this is a super cool stuff!!! :D ). Thanks!!!

Benjamin Den Boer

Oh snap! I found the issue — turns out to be in the module after all. Silly me. I just pushed a fix to the repo: so if you update your module, you should be good. :-) Also, super cool prototype, man!

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