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Rafe Chisolm
Posted Sep 13 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framer Team! I swear every couple of weeks you are blowing minds with the pace of updates you're making - first and foremost thank so much for your continued work, being so engaged with the community, etc. The value proposition is very clear when expanding the use of Framer with other team members.

The latest update that included various form factors made me wonder. Are you able to share if a method to create custom, shared templates across a team is on your roadmap? It currently works to create custom modules/templates, but for quality control across a team/or teams it'd be awesome for a team member to be able to select a pre-loaded template of locked down, approved styles for a given design. Obviously a tall order, and probably has implications for version controlling etc. but hard to not be constantly inspired how much Framer is evolving. (Screen attached, not sure if what I'm suggesting is clear)

Thanks again for all the amazing work, leaps and bounds past the alternatives in my opinion!


Jordan Robert Dobson

I would recommend either sharing a set of snippets or modules across your team for this.

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