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Kyle Gardner
Posted Sep 14 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framer people!

I'm using Benjamin Den Boer's video player (thank you) and am getting an odd "skippy" effect on playback. It happens in my prototype and in the updated version of the player download (

I noticed if I don't update the downloaded file above it works fine... perhaps the skippy effect is due to the most recent update? Any ideas on a fix?



Kyle Gardner

here what it looks like:

George Kedenburg III

Trevor any ideas? I'm away from my computer so I can't really debug but maybe it's something with the progress bar updater?

Trevor Phillippi

mine isnt skipping.....

Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Kyle, hmm — when you say it occurs after updating, are you referring to using the latest version of the module, or the Framer library? We've pushed some SliderComponent fixes to the library in the last few weeks, so it may be related to the library version.

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