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Jon Madison
Posted Sep 13 - Read on Facebook

I <3 you Framer Studio. It's the thing that'll get my designers amped to do some interactive prototyping. At least that's my hypothesis. The better it gets the more we can win 'em over. :)

When will we see module import from the GUI? If i had the source to the GUI i'd try to write it myself this week, haha. Somewhat Akin to Sublime's Package, eh?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Last I chatted with them they were thinking something more like what Atom does I believe.

Mike Johnson

Yeah, this would be awesome, especially as a module developer I can make sure modules stay up to date, and designers could version the ones they are using in projects. I hope it's more like NPM and project specific rather than Framer-wide like Atom.

For example each project could define which versions of each module it needs to make sure things don't break with update.

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