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Lukas Lineker
Posted Jun 15 - Read on Facebook

The access code when I click mirror is 5 digits but on the Ios app it asks for a 6 digit code...

Anyone else found this? How do you get around it?


Sunil Shenoy

where on the app does it ask for the code? I dont have any place to input this. I am new to framer. Thanks in advance :)

Jonas Treub

In the toolbar its the third icon from the right. The arrow pointing to a device.

Lukas Lineker

Answer is quit framer. Re-open the project

Ahmet Bekteş

yes, it happened to me too. I think that is a bug, if you open another project, it gave 4 digits and opening another one gives 3 digits...quitting and restarting fixes the problem.

Jonas Treub

I'll file an issue and look into it. Thanks for the heads-up

Jonas Treub

Unfortunately I have not yet been able to replicate this issue. How often do you see this happening? What version of macOS are you using?

Niels van Hoorn

Is it happening to old projects created with an beta version of Framer, maybe?

Kim Does

Happened to me a while ago as well, filed a bug report. Wasn't happening to an old project but a "current" one.

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