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Seung Jun Park
Posted Sep 13 - Read on Facebook

I'm a designer who's studying the Framer.
I would like to share all the data and information I collected while I was studying.
Although I didn't do any designs, I worked in variety of interaction videos and basic applications and its function. I tried to make it as similar as possible.
The coding I wrote may not be the perfect answer but I did my best based on the studies and knowledges I had.
For people who study the Framer, I hope my codings are helpful.


Jorn van Dijk

Amazing work!

Tiago M. Torres

Awesome! Thanks for sharing

Luke Warda

Really cool! Thanks for sharing

Misha Scholte

This is awesome! It could use some English comments though! ;-)

Ban Nguyen

Amazing! Very very nice! Thanks for sharing! 👍


Sooo cool. 👍

Andrew Aquino

This is awesome omg

Koen Bok

Really cool!

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