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Aaron Yih
Posted Sep 13 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying to make a confetti animation where onhover, the confetti explodes out and falls to the ground where it accumulates as the event is triggered over time. I've been playing with this, but I'm not sure how to bound the particles to a specific box or prevent the particles from being attracted to the magnet on the way down. Any ideas or alternatives?


Eelco Lempsink

cc particle master Jonas Treub

Jonas Treub
Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Ah sorry, missed this one – but looks like Jonas solved it :) The Hook module was mainly made for improved control over springy animations, while the gravity stuff was just added for fun so it doesn't have a lot of general physics features. Good suggestion though, I may consider adding some support for constraints in the future!

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

There are some JS physics libraries out there which might be useful though. Haven't checked how easy they are to integrate into a Framer prototype, but stuff like might be of interest.

Aaron Yih

Thank you guys for being so on top of the fb group. It's super nice to have people to ask for help when we need it!

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