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Jon Arnold
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,
what is the simplest way to animate an element on a path or circle to do something like this:


Sergey Voronov

Use svg path, get points at certain time on path animate and path it to function creating stars

Jordan Robert Dobson

Or just have your generator use a rotated square layer and generate the points for a new layer off a corner as you rotate it.

And then have the stars randomly appear at various sizes and travel distances.

That's a rather manual process but it works.

Or use math. It's pretty easy to calculate points for circle too.

Jonas Treub

Here is the basic setup for creating a circular particle emitter.

Jonas Treub

Was playing around with the endOffset and accidentally found this cool effect:

Jon Arnold

Thanks guys.
I will look into it tomorrow 😉

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