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Janusz Smolski
Posted Sep 14 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone! Please recommend what are you using to correctly scale your prototypes on different screen sizes. I'm using FramerScaleToDevice module, and it works great in Framer Studio simulator, but it fails on a real device. Probably I'm using it not in a proper way... Here's the module's github:

I looks like Framer.Device object representing simulator's screen, not the device one?
My original idea was to have biggest size of screen designs (e.g. iPhone 6+) and scale them proportionally (with all child layers on them) for each screen size. Maybe I should use different approach to manage initial design sizes?

Here's my sample project:




Hey Max Krylov, I scaled a topmost layer depending on the device's screen size. Or when there are many layers to create and use a new top layer. and parent layer of all layers in the top layer. I'm well using in this way any layer size and any device.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I have a DevicePixelRatio module I've built for exactly this. It's up on

Janusz Smolski

Thanks a lot, 조경준 and Jordan Robert Dobson

Janusz Smolski

Tried out all the solutions mentioned here and in other thread, but nothing work for me. When I getting correct scale of a parent screen, all its child layers stays in an original positions, so the prototype became useless when scaled. Again, everything works fine in simulator, the problem happens on a real devices. Any chance someone could take a look at what I'm doing wrong, please? Jon Arnold Jonas Treub you seems to be familiar with this kind of task, could you guys please chime in? Thank you!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Hmmm. So what didn't work about the DPR?

Are you using sketch or just drawing layers yourself?

Janusz Smolski

I do use Sketch but do not use import functionality. Managing layers hierarchy manually to have more control.

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