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Emmanuel Henri
Posted Sep 11 - Read on Facebook

Are there best practices for importing files from Sketch? I reorganized my artboards so each item inside have their own folder but besides this anything else? I'm getting some weird results like a background from another artboard showing on the there a way to make all artboards not visible and then select which ones are visible based on events? Or is there a better way to do this...? You see my export of sketch to import in framer


Emmanuel Henri

I just read an article that may be answering my it possible that all artboards should go under one artboard and into their own folders? Like this....

Stephen Crowley

Hey Emmanuel- it's not necessary to have all your screens under one artboard anymore but a rule of thumb is to group elements and * at the end of the artboard or groups name for ones you want flattened. On import you can either set artboard.visible = false to hide those artboards or sometimes if I am in the middle of exploring a design I add - at the end of the artboard or groups name so framer doesn't import it.

Ee Venn Soh

You can either recreate a Frankenstein sketch file with all layers from different artboards on one artboard or you can retain multiple artboards and move each artboard into viewport by changing the x pos of the artboard that you want to reveal to (0, 0). The original artboard should have (0, 0) position.

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