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Jon Madison
Posted Sep 11 - Read on Facebook

"Automatically reload when a coffee or js file in the modules directory changes" -- THANKS. :D


Jordan Robert Dobson

I think I noticed this recently too. :)

Jon Madison

I do most of my work in modules, that main screen is just a "test runner" ;-)

Brad Ryan

Is this an update?? It would be amazing.

Jon Madison

It's in the beta! Though I'm having other module issues today 😭

Jon Madison

Sure could use better downstream error reporting, though.:/

Jon Madison

Not quite stable yet (will try to reproduce steps to get to removing my assets lol) but on the right track.

I suspect it's keeping a backup somewhere and rewriting the contents of the folder.

Trying to test some snippets I'm writing, and, while it will reload after modifying modules, it also doesn't save the file in the editor buffer and keeps wanting to replace it with an older one that's (mysteriously) replacing it on disk

Eelco Lempsink

Found a pocket of spare time, so two updates in the latest beta (5743):
- Fixed the source maps for modules, so now in the inspector you’ll jump to the module code, not the JS code in framer.modules.js. Note that this requires macOS Sierra (because of fixes to WebKit) and that while the line number is correctly reported in the backtrace, and the correct line flashes when clicking through, the pointy label may be on the wrong line.
- The contents of the project got reverted to the version on disk when the modules changed, it does no longer do this, only reloads.

Ee Venn Soh

If you are using Framer.js source, you can set it up with Gulp tasks to help with that.

Here is a quick screenshot of my coffeescript setup and I any changes in coffeescript/js

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