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Paul Kooi
Posted Sep 08 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to set a child's parent relative to the parent's position? In other words. I have a container that has a Y value of lets say 250. I have a button. I want it's parent to be the container. But I don't want it to offset y:250 when I tell it that the container is it's parent... all thoughts help is greatly appreciated thanks

... also is there a way to avoid passing down visibility from the parent to the child? I'm basically trying to animate many elements at once... I want to control them with something that is invisible


Brian Williams

So you want it not to position the child relative to the parent?

Paul Kooi

I've imported two layers from sketch. they are in two different positions. I want to make one the child of the other. When I do that. It seems to offset the position of the child rather than leave it in place.

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