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Jonas Treub
Posted Sep 28 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, we just shipped some new desktop design features. Most importantly, the much-requested detachable canvas is finally here! We also added a better flow for selecting devices and revised the menu options adding laptops, desktops and a TV into the mix. The Welcome window also got a sweet new search bar. Making it easy to search for FAQs in the community.

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Giovanni Caruso

Cool Cool Cool Cool... wait...have I already said "cool"?

George Kedenburg III

Amelia Liarakos

Benjamin Den Boer

Huge shout-out to Ryhan Hassan for his amazing prototype. :-)

Eng Phannipha

John Grendon Enderby

Ross Fenrick

Oooo, love the detachable canvas

Benjamin E Saravia

in my humble opinion this kind of features are going to create a leap on design... for all devices.

Rich Zarick

Thank you guys. This is a fantastic addition for us here in Redmond :D

Leon Kosters


Elliot Nolten

TV!!! You rock guys!

Ross Fenrick

It'd be great if I could just select a layer directly in the Canvas view, instead of toggling to the code, finding the layer and clicking the edit icon. Like, while in Canvas view being able to hold down a key + click on a layer in to select it then edit it. Would be especially useful with detached Canvas while using 2 monitors.

Jeongmin Kim


McKenzie Carlile

Thanks for the update! But did this update also kill the ability to preview using a browser chrome within the app itself? I used to be able to select from several different desktop browser "devices" to preview my designs on but now I can't find this option anywhere.

Ty Leppek

Benjamin Den Boer it doesn't appear like custom devices work in the new update when you are referencing an image from the Images folder?

Kyung-Bo Min

Can you add center fascia canvas for providing demos of 'Carplay or Android auto'? (Is it possible to modify the background of the canvas?)

Cam Gally

Now it looks like I have to re adjust all of my animations on a project I thought I'd wrapped up because the dimensions on the new devices are different in this release. Is there a way around this? Not thrilled that this has happened the day I was meant to present my work. Some warning before depreciating things completely next time, please!

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Nice update! Jonas Treub, quick question: the sony TV appears to be 720p rather than 1080p. How come? Also, haven't had a chance to test it yet but from DeviceComponent._shouldRenderFullScreen() it doesn't look like a TV prototype will render in full screen if viewed on a TV. Would be nice if I could place my canvas on an HDMI connected TV, hit cmd+shift+F and it would fill the screen. Unless it does do that of course, and I'm missing something :)

Benjamin Athlan

Hello, great job !! but why did you remove browser layout ? I'm framer browser user and that not working anymore. Could you help ?

Rasmus Andersson

Ah! That's brilliant — so simple but so useful.

Marc Krenn

The detachable canvas is a a godsend for TV- and web-projects! (y)
Thanks guys!

Zack Scriven


Victor Nogueira

Great update, as always! :)
I noticed the TV device is 720p, so when I open a prototype and mirror it to my TV it still shows the TV device. Maybe you could include a 1080p version that hides the device when the resolution matches 1080p? Thank you.

John Trabelsi


John Lee

REA-L nice, yea!

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