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Kevin Layton Burd
Posted Sep 08 - Read on Facebook

I don't know what Im doing.

I downloaded this program and I have no idea what Im doing and I didn't think it would be as difficult as it would be for myself(the technology insufficient) but it is, any suggestions on where I can go for some basic tutorials and help. Thanks for any advice!


George Kedenburg III
Adam Mazurick

I started with It was $12 at the time and helped a lot. If you want a deeper understanding on CoffeeScript and Framer the following course will make you an expert in about a week.

Clint Miller

Use snippets. Make sure when you import from photoshop or sketch your layers are in groups or folders. Learn to create layers from scratch and edit them with auto code. Learn how to create states and trigger them. Layers. Events. States.

Jesse Kuntz

Udemy has a course on FramerJS on sale for $18 right now.

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