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Kushagra Gour
Posted Mar 07 - Read on Facebook

Hi FramerJS people!

I am excited to present to you the new release of "Prototyp" - a free web app based on the amazing Framer.js to let you prototype on any platform.
The new app comes with new sleek interface, user profiles, mobile previews and more!
Go ahead and create awesome interactions :)


Jack Wong

Is there any way to delete those Created Items?

Krijn Rijshouwer

Really cool Kushagra Gour!

Daniel Maniés

Respect! Looks great :)

Sam Thorne

Nice! A bit broken in Safari though :)

Ravish Malik

Kushagra Gour Can you try and sync your framer.js source with upstream please? It'll need a script I guess, but it'll be so much better as upstream updates are coming in by the fuckton

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