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Jayphen Simpson
Posted Sep 05 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, I'm new to Framer and am beginning to use it as part of my workflow to create prototypes directly from my Sketch designs. Obviously Sketch integration is quite new, but I wanted to clarify a couple of things with how it works now –

Firstly, it appears all groups are imported as raster. Am I missing something here?
As a result of the above, manipulating groups imported from Sketch is not really possible, unless it's just changing the x/y/z. Right?

My first prototype is at In Sketch, the buttons 'Like', 'Own It', 'Done' were all shapes which I originally tried importing in to Framer. For the animation I tried resizing the shapes directly, but it did not work as anticipated. I ended up hiding the button shapes in Sketch before importing, and re-creating them in Framer directly. Am I missing something here, or is this basically the expected workflow for now?


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Jayphen Simpson,

This works as expected. The thing is that we flatten layers to bitmaps when you import them. So you're stretching them once you're changing the scale (or hiding them if you changed the width property). In this case recreating them in Framer was the correct solution!

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