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Ben Ellis
Posted Feb 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi all,

Looking into using Framer to prototype a TV App experience for a client here in the UK. I want to hook up a physical TV remote, capture the keystrokes on the arrow pad etc and then translate that to control a prototype on screen on the Mac. Have seen these articles here: here: and here: and was wondering if anyone had any tips/experiences they could share?

Thanks in advance.



Wouter Van de Kamp

Otb Vianey

Ben Ellis

PS: Will probably use AirPlay or cable to connect Mac to TV screen, so whole experience feels authentic when testing with users.

Sam Thorne

I've successfully paired an Amazon FireTV remote with my Mac and used that to control a Framer prototype for user testing. The same with a Playstation controller.
Some of the keys don't map completely, but it was enough for what I needed.

Sam Thorne

I used

KeyCodes =
"LEFT": 37
"RIGHT": 39

Events.wrap(window).addEventListener "keydown", (event) ->
switch event.keyCode
when KeyCodes.LEFT
when KeyCodes.RIGHT
#something else

Ben Ellis

Thanks Sam, I've actually found a remote that we had in the studio that has a USB dongle and transmits via bluetooth/IR and I can now map the arrow keys and the OK/Enter button. Thanks.

Johan Strömgren

The Sony PS3 remote control and ControllerMate has worked really well for me in the past. It looks something like this:

Phil Letourneau

Are you trying to prototype an Apple TV experience? Or some other platform?

Jordan Robert Dobson

I highly recommend using MIDI for the input method from ControllerMate... so send everything out MIDI and then you don't have to have the preview window focused to test the remote on the view. Also, if you ever need to apply the velocity of press or other pressure things you can do that as well.

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