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Kelvin Chen
Posted Sep 04 - Read on Facebook

Hi, this's my first time to design a watch face with Framer JS. Here's the first concept, the Red Line controls the black needle who with a little red ball, and than shows the Second. The white one shows the Minute while the blue ball shows the Hour.

You can check the animation with

Love to hear your feedback : D


Kelvin Chen

I use half of the screen to show the time, and the other half for the widgets in a Page Component to show something like "walking steps", "Heart Rate", "Weather", etc.

German Bauer

Nice animation, interesting concept, not sure how legible it would be at a glance. The numbers should probably exclude 60 and go 58...59...00...01

Juan Sanchez

Awesome. Maybe make it for real for Pebble using Rocky.js :-)

Kelvin Chen

My design was inspired by this Calendar

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