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Baisampayan Saha
Posted Sep 09 - Read on Facebook

found out a small bug today. I have created a prototype which has page component. The pages of the page component are created using a for loop. I have two arrows for navigation. One at the left and one at the right. I have another button which when tapped snaps to a certain page. Now on both the left and right arrows the behavior is that it snaps tp previous and next page. But when I tap on the button which snaps on a particular page and then I use the left arrow for snapping to previous page, it takes me directly to the first page instead of snapping to the previous page...thought I had a problem with my code, so downloaded a pagination example from here and tested it out. Check out the prototype below for the bug. This does not happen with snap to next page function.


Krijn Rijshouwer

Spotted that you're not on the latest version of Framer Library. Haven't been able to re-create your issue since I updated the project. Can you take a look if that solves it?

Baisampayan Saha

ya...I have the same issue with the prototype I have made for user testing which is on the latest version of Framer....the one above is just to show the bug....the snap to previous page functions is very doesn't work properly after snap to page functions is used....but works properly of snap to next page and snap to previous page are only used....need a fix for this...otherwise I am stuck with the user testing of my apps prototype..

Baisampayan Saha

Krijn Rijshouwer I have found out another issue....though my prototype works well in desktop...but when I use it on mobile...and tap on the next arrow and previous arrow button, it snaps after leaving one if u are in page one....u tap on next arrow, it snaps to 3rd page and vice versa....i can share the prototype with framer support team if you I am stuck with it and want a fix so that I can start my user testing...

Baisampayan Saha

Koen Bok Jorn van Dijk Krijn Rijshouwer need a quick fix for this bug. Just had a new framer update and checked out that this bug is still not fixed. so created another example for you to check with the new version of framer.

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