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Kan Grace
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

I use quicktime to do the video recording and the file usually over 3m. Any recommendation on the compress tool which can do compress and keep the img quality as good as possible? how did you guys compress the gif under 1M?


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Kan,

We now use Claquette for most our gifs. It allows both recording and exporting —

For some gifs we've used ScreenFlow to do the recordings (export with motion blur for gifs) and 2 different tools for the exporting:

Gif Brewery — Great for turning your ScreenFlow recordings into gifs.

LICEcap — Really good for exporting gifs with a big static background. Otherwise use Gif Brewery.

Also try keeping the gifs under 6-7 seconds.

Kan Grace

Krijn Rijshouwer Thanks for your recommendation. I will try them

Chris Wang

I use Giphy Capture all the time. It is awesome!

To compress your .mov you could drop it in Media Encoder if you have Adobe CC and then play with the bitrate.

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